Working with Java

The Pinegrow Web Editor is a powerful stand-alone tool for the creation of static HTML pages and WordPress themes. However, it is also highly extensible and useful as a component in a larger build system in conjunction with other web languages such as Java.

The Frisson Java App Template

Creation of a login screen with Pinegrow

In this guest posting, Pinegrow user Will Iverson, founder of Changenode, showcases a part of his Frisson build system for creating Java-based apps. This posting and video are unlike our normal tutorials, which specifically focus on creation of pages or themes with Pinegrow. Instead, this demonstrates how Pinegrow can be incorporated into a Java ecosystem. Will introduces a number of other tools, including the Spring framework and the Thymeleaf templating engine. While this video incorporates a number of advanced topics, it is a great overview of how Pinegrow can be incorporated into your own build system.

If you are ready for a deep dive into development, check out Will’s video!

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