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Understanding Pinegrow – Not Just a Design Tool

Pinegrow is not a design tool in the same vein as Figma or Adobe Muse was. To use Pinegrow effectively, it’s essential to have a foundational understanding of HTML and CSS principles.

This knowledge is crucial for navigating and leveraging the full potential of the application.

While Pinegrow offers numerous helpers to streamline web development tasks, clicking a button like “center” will not yield the desired results if the selected element is not in the correct context. For instance, using Flexbox controls to align an element will not work properly if the parent element is not also configured with the appropriate Flexbox properties.

These are just some examples of why understanding the underlying code is important if you wish to use Pinegrow effectively.

Learning Resources:
To acquire these essential skills, there are countless tutorials available online. Some excellent resources include:

Additionally, experimenting with Pinegrow’s various helpers and features will provide practical experience and deeper insights.

Purpose of Pinegrow:
Pinegrow was born out of a desire to make life easier for web developers. It offers helpers designed to alleviate the burdens of repetitive and tedious tasks. However, it was never intended to be a “Photoshop for the web.” Instead, Pinegrow aims to enhance the workflow of those who already have a basic understanding of web development.

For more information and support, you can always refer to our online documentation or join our community forum where hundreds of users share their questions, answers, coding tips, and useful advice.