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Bootstrap 3 Blocks for WordPress

Ready-made Bootstrap 3.3.x website sections for building WordPress themes.

Note, these blocks work with Bootstrap 3 and can’t be used with newer versions of Bootstrap. Use the Bootstrap 4 Blocks library instead.

Pinegrow V2.xx is used in the following screenshots and videos. While the process is very similar with V2, V3 and V4, an updated version of this document presenting Pinegrow version 4 screenshots and videos will be released shortly.(no ETA)

See Bootstrap Blocks for customizing HTML and CSS for individual blocks. Here we deal only with WordPress-specific topics.

Quick start

After you finish setting up the HTML and CSS as described on Bootstrap Blocks page, set the theme info and Export the theme to get a WordPress theme that can be fully customized with WordPress Customizer:

Introduction to Bootstrap Blocks for WordPress

How customizer works

Displaying content with Loops

Promo 1 with Video and Form

Promo 2 with Countdown






Blog Posts

Contacts with Form and Map


Pricing Tables


The License

You can use Blocks to build and deploy websites for yourself and your clients, free or paid, as many as you want.

You can NOT use Blocks to create templates and themes that you then sell in template marketplaces or give away for free.