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Tailwind CSS

Pinegrow Tailwind CSS Addon provides customized visual controls, design panel for theming, and other powerful visual features for your Tailwind CSS projects.

Vue Designer supports visual editing of Tailwind CSS in Vue components through the Pinegrow Tailwind CSS Plugin.

The start-screen includes quick-start templates, sample apps when you chose Tailwind CSS in the second row of the dual menu.

Just follow the instructions in the Config Panel when you open your Tailwind-based Vue apps in Vue Designer, similar to adding the Pinegrow Vite Plugin in the Vite guide.

Pinegrow Tailwind CSS Plugin

Pinegrow’s Tailwind CSS Plugin generally used in conjunction with the Pinegrow Vite Plugin or with the meta-framework specific Pinegrow modules for Iles, Nuxt and Astro.

The Pinegrow Tailwind CSS Plugin takes the following options. For detailed usage, refer to the @pinegrow/tailwindcss-plugin npm package (types enabled) and instructions displayed in the Config Panel.

  • configPath – Mandatory for Vue Designer. Eg, tailwind.config.js file
  • cssPath – Mandatory for Vue Designer. Eg, ./src/assets/css/tailwind.css.  
  • themePath – Defaults to [srcPath]/pg-tailwindcss/tokens.[cjs,mjs]. The theme file is created by the Design Panel automatically.  
  • restartOnConfigUpdate – Defaults to false. Restart on tailwind config file updates. 
  • restartOnThemeUpdate – Defaults to false. Restart on tailwind theme file updates.

Tailwind Visual Editor addon is in fact a key feature with the current Pinegrow Web Editor app.

As Vue follows html-based templating, all the current resources for Tailwind Visual Editor addon can be followed easily when using Vue Designer.

Last updated on July 8, 2023 at 11:16 am

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