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Because the conversion from HTML to WordPress is not a black box process, there are sometimes edge cases that you will need to take into consideration upfront in order to ensure the successful conversion of your HTML template into a fully functional WordPress theme.

Theme display issues

It has come to our attention that some templates exported from Webflow use class names that are reserved by WordPress.

Sometimes, these classes are defined in the CSS exported by Webflow, but are not even used in the project templates.

While the preview in Pinegrow Theme Converter is perfect this situation can cause significant display problems on your exported WordPress theme.

Note: At the moment, we don’t know if these classes are automatically added by Webflow during the export or created by the users.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of classes that you should not use in Webflow when creating or editing a document that you plan to convert to a WordPress theme (or use with full knowledge of the situation).

.rtl {}
.home {}
.blog {}
.archive {}
.date {}
.search {}
.paged {}
.attachment {}
.error404 {}
.single postid-(id) {}
.attachmentid-(id) {}
.attachment-(mime-type) {}
.author {}
.author-(user_nicename) {}
.category {}
.category-(slug) {}
.tag {}
.tag-(slug) {}
.page-parent {}
.page-child parent-pageid-(id) {}
.page-template page-template-(template file name) {}
.search-results {}
.search-no-results {}
.logged-in {}
.paged-(page number) {}
.single-paged-(page number) {}
.page-paged-(page number) {}
.category-paged-(page number) {}
.tag-paged-(page number) {}
.date-paged-(page number) {}
.author-paged-(page number) {}
.search-paged-(page number) {}

How to Fix WordPress Custom Post Type 404 Error

At some point, you may have encountered a 404 Not Found Error when trying to access a post from a Custom Post type that you have just created from Pinegrow.

This is a well known situation when developing themes for WordPress and this is not an issue with Pinegrow.

Here is a simple fix for this kind of situation.

Login to your admin dashboard and click on Settings Tab> Permalinks and click on Save changes.

Now, go to your custom post pages now and check whether they return 404 error pages or not. The situation should be fixed.

This is not a miracle solution that works once and for all, and it is possible that if you create another Custom Post Type, you may have to proceed again to the same operation.

More documentation on this particular topic:

Last updated on March 15, 2020 at 10:47 am

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