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Pinegrow WordPress Plugin

Pinegrow WordPress Plugin lets you create custom blocks and themes directly on your WordPress site.

Most features of the Pinegrow WordPress Plugin are the same as in Pinegrow Web Editor. Use the menu on the left to explore documentation and tutorials for shared features.

The rest of this page covers topics that are unique to the plugin.

How to safely use the Pinegrow plugin?

One important point to keep in mind is that Pinegrow plugin is used to manipulate PHP files directly on your site. Therefore, only trusted site administrators should be allowed to use Pinegrow. Please read our guide on how to safely use the plugin to learn more.

Need help?

It is very likely that the issue you are experiencing is already solved. Therefore the best place to start is checking the documentation (see the menu on the left side).

If you can not find the answer there, check the Pinegrow community forum and use the search feature to see if the issue was already discussed with the community and our team.

If that fails, contact our support and we will help you out.

Contact support

E-mail support is only available to users with a valid Pinegrow WordPress Plugin PRO license.

Use e-mail to contact us:

  • Include “WP PLUGIN” at the start of the message subject
  • Provide enough details, so that we can understand and investigate the issue
  • If your license is associated with a different email account, mention that so that we can find your license
  • Send the message to support@pinegrow.com

Last updated on December 14, 2022 at 7:28 pm

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