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Getting Started

Get Pinegrow running on your computer and then take a quick journey through the most important features.

Pinegrow Walkthrough – Video

Watch this video to quickly learn how HTML and CSS editing is done in Pinegrow.

Quick Introduction to Pinegrow

New to Pinegrow? This interactive guide is the best place to start. We’ll go through all Pinegrow panels and take them for a spin.

Is Pinegrow the right choice for you?

If you don’t know what HTML elements and CSS rules are, and you’re just looking for a simple drag and drop editor to quickly build a website without knowing what happens in the background, then Pinegrow is maybe not the right tool for you.

Install and run Pinegrow

Learn How-to install Pinegrow on your system.

Switching from Pinegrow 2 to Pinegrow 4

Are you used to Pinegrow 2 user interface and feel a bit lost after upgrading to Pinegrow 4? Here’s a short video that will show you where in the new Pinegrow 4 interface you can find your favorite Pinegrow 2 features.

Privacy and Anti-spam policy

Pinegrow is a desktop app, so all your data (HTML, CSS, JS code, images and so on) never leaves your computer and is never read or stored on our servers.

Last updated on January 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm

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