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Shop Builder for WooCommerce

Pinegrow WooCommerce extends the WordPress panel by adding actions for displaying products, product lists, categories and other WooCommerce elements.

The approach

Shop Builder is designed to give you full control over your WooCommerce projects, while at the same time, it follows the recommended customization practices and can be used alongside customizations implemented with code.

  • WooCommerce adjusts to your HTML layout and styling – not vice versa
  • Customization is done by using templates where possible
  • Avoiding re-implementing WooCommerce functions
  • Customize just what is needed
  • Multiple template variants
  • Support for layout constructed with hooks and the special freestyle mode
  • Add custom PHP code if needed

Learn more about the approach.

Required skills

You should be familiar with customizing WordPress and WooCommerce from the developer perspective, to take the full advantage of Pinegrow WooCommerce. No matter what tool you are using, it is always helpful to understand how things work and what the generated code is doing.

That said, if you are not yet a WooCommerce developer and wish to learn, Pinegrow is a great tool to help you with that. 


The list of WooCommerce areas that can be customized with Shop Builder actions:

  • Single product
  • List of products
  • Categories
  • Custom WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks
  • And more

See the detailed feature list and the roadmap.

Ready-made components and templates

Use the Shop Starter project for Bootstrap 5 to quickly get your projects off the ground. Follow the Starter Shop course to learn how the project is built.

Getting started

Watch and follow the Starter Shop course with 60 videos about building a custom WooCommerce project.

Explore the WooCommerce actions reference.

If you are not familiar with Pinegrow WordPress builder, learn more about it. WooCommerce builder is based on the WordPress builder.

Join the community

Customizing WooCommerce is a complex task. Pinegrow WooCommerce builder is an innovative solution that makes the process much easier. That said, this is just the first release, and there is a lot of room for further improvements.

Join the fellow Pinegrow WooCommerce creators and our team in the dedicated area of our community forum to work together on making WooCommerce builder even better.

Last updated on March 23, 2022 at 8:39 am

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