Steps to take in case of issues.

Issues with internal web-server

Pinegrow loads document through its internal web-server. Some conditions can cause the web-server not to be accessible to Pinegrow. Go through the following steps to troubleshoot the problem.

If you can’t open any page at all, including with File -> New page, the most likely reason is that Pinegrow’s internal web server is not accessible.

Step 1 – Verify that the server is not accessible

Open Pinegrow and then in your browser navigate to

You should get a short 404 – Not found message if the web server is accessible. If that’s the case contact us about the issue.

If the browser displays a connection error continue to the step 2.

Step 2 – Are you using a supported OS?

Windows XP and below are not supported. Vista and above should be fine, as well as OS X 10.6+.

Step 3 – Check your firewall

Are you using a firewall? When you start Pinegrow the firewall usually asks if you want to allow its connections. You should allow them.

Check your firewall settings and list of blocked programs.

Are you using an anti-virus? Check if Pinegrow is being blocked or falsely identified as suspicious.

Restart of the computer might be needed to apply the changes made to firewall or anti-virus configuration.

Step 4 – Try changing the port

By default the internal web server runs on port 40000. The port can be changed in Support -> Settings.

Try changing this value. Restart Pinegrow to apply the change.

Step 5 – Restart the computer

Sounds silly, but some users report that that helped.

Step 6 – Contact us

If it still doesn’t work contact us via a support.

Pinegrow does not start or freezes on start

If you are upgrading Pinegrow from a previous version, and if Pinegrow does not start or it freezes on the dashboard, the solution is to delete the apps profile data.

Please note, that doing this also deletes all the settings and stored workspaces. You will also have to activate Pinegrow with your license information.

To delete the profile:

1. Exit the application.

2. Go to the folder (location depends on your OS):

~/Library/Application Support/ (note ~ at the beginning)



3. Delete the folder Pinegrow Web Designer, Pinegrow and/or Pinegrow Web Editor

4. Restart the application and activate your license.