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Keyboard Shortcuts

Pinegrow has many useful keyboard shortcuts that can make your work even faster.


CMD + O Open file
CMD + S Save
SHIFT + CMD + S Save as
ALT + CMD + S Save all
CMD + Z Undo
SHIFT + CMD + Z Redo
CMD + R Refresh page views
CMD + B Preview in browser


+ Insert into selected
CMD + D Duplicate
ALT + CMD + D Duplicate as group
P Quick element properties
R Show & create active CSS rules
ESC Deselect all elements
0 to 9 Repeater
CMD + 1 to CMD + 5 Resize the page view

Text editing

double click Start text editing
ESC Exit text editing mode
CMD + B Bold
CMD + U Underline
CMD + I Italic

Code editing

CMD + F Search
CMD + G Find next
SHIFT + CMD + G Find previous
SHIFT + CMD + F (Win)
OPTION + CMD + F (Mac)
SHIFT + CMD + R (Win)
Replace all

Components and Master pages

CMD + U Quick update open pages
SHIFT + CMD + U Update whole project


CMD + P Preview PHP code
CMD + W Import HTML from WordPress

Mouse click combinations

CMD + click Select multiple elements
SHIFT + click Select range of elements
ALT + click Test click (on page) or select element
if Test clicks are enabled.
ALT + click Collapse / expand level (in tree and panel sections)