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Release Notes

Discover what is new, bug fixes and new features...

  • Release 5.4 – 27. March, 2019

    Redesigned element context menu – Copy & Paste actions – SASS fixes – WordPress improvements – Insert actions from the context menu – Visual helpers – Post & Loop settings – Smarter Smart Menu – Reusable Customizer Sections and Fields

  • Release 5.3 – 27. Feb. 2019

    Open CSS Grid Editor and other tools in floating windows, Collapse / Expand all in the Tree panel, Bootstrap Carousel and more.

  • Release 5.2 – 6. Feb, 2019

    CSS Grid editor validates input values, element in the status bar, pick colors with system color picker, WordPress Builder improvements and more.

  • Release 5.1 – 24. Jan, 2019

    Open panels in floating windows and arrange them on multiple screens. Easily update Bootstrap, fixed Master pages, WordPress improvements, Starter Theme 2 update and more.

  • Pinegrow 5 – Nov 20, 2018

    “Focus on…” mode, Handling inline styles and other styling improvements, Drag files from the Project panel and more.

  • Release 4.8 – 31 May, 2018

    Light UI Theme, keep custom HTML formatting, Font Awesome 5, better support for Google Fonts and WordPress improvements.

  • Release 4.7 – 10 May, 2018

    Bootstrap 4.1, control over the remote access to the Internal web server, a bunch of WordPress Theme Builder improvements and more.

  • Release 2.31 – 18. Nov 2015

    Download Pinegrow 2.31 Did you miss the launch of Pinegrow PRO? We discovered a bug that prevented exporting WordPress themes in trial mode. We also added a bunch of useful goodies that will make your web development life easier: Auto fixing broken links in project Use Fix links in PRJ context menu to fix broken