Introducing Pinegrow 8

visual web editor for professionals

Pinegrow lets you work faster with HTML, CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, GreenSock Interactions, WordPress and WooCommerce.

Pinegrow is available as a desktop app and as a self-hosted WordPress plugin.

Pinegrow works with standard web files and easily integrates into your existing workflow.

HTML Planet for Kids

Let your kids be web creators as well!



Are you working with HTML pages, WordPress themes, Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS? See why you should have Pinegrow in your toolbelt.

Watch the quick overview of what Pinegrow can do for you:

Works with any HTML project

Speed up building HTML with visual power tools

Quickly build the layout of your webpage with powerful visual tools for adding, editing, moving, cloning and deleting HTML elements. Insert multiple elements with repeater and modify the layout of all selected elements with one move.

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General purpose CSS editor

Style with CSS, SASS and LESS - Live!

Inspect active CSS rules, use rich visual controls, CSS Grid editor, Dev tools-like editor or code - all working together as one. Edit SASS and LESS, live, without any external tools. 

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Are you using Frameworks?

The perfect tool for working with Bootstrap & Foundation

Turn hundreds of framework classes into powerful visual controls. Use the complete library of ready-to-use components and work with dynamic components like modals. Resize columns on the page and visualize the layout with display helpers.

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Tailwind visual editor

Fully featured GUI for Tailwind CSS projects

An add-on for Pinegrow Web Editor that lets you visually work with Tailwind CSS projects including those that use a custom theme.

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Tools for responsive web

Edit & test your page on all device sizes at once

Use multi-page editing to edit your pages at multiple device sizes. Easily design responsive websites with Media query helper tool. Add custom breakpoints or let Pinegrow detect them by analyzing stylesheets.

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Pinegrow PRO

Components, master pages, projects, CMS mode...

Pinegrow Pro lets you speed up your work even more with smart features such as master pages that let you define templates for your project. Turn page elements into reusable components with custom editable areas. Use Pinegrow as CMS for static HTML websites.

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Pinegrow Interactions

Create stunning interactions & animations for your web projects

Pinegrow lets you create powerful interactions and scroll scenes with custom animations designed with the timeline editor. Animations are powered by GreenSock GSAP, a proven high-performance animation library.

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Pinegrow PRO with WordPress

Create production-ready WordPress themes and plugins

Pinegrow is also the perfect tool for creating production-ready WordPress themes and plugins. Take any HTML page and turn it into a WordPress theme or Gutenberg blocks by assigning WordPress actions to individual elements on the page. Pinegrow exports the standard PHP WordPress files.

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And that's not all... 

Live sync Pinegrow with Atom & VS Code, edit server side tags, use ready-made Blocks, open pages from the web and more.

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Use Pinegrow Web Editor to:

Build websites

Create websites from scratch or edit your existing projects. Pinegrow has everything you need to build websites: HTML editing tools, styling, framework tools, component libraries and more.

Quickly mockup a page

Use element library to quickly put together a page mockup. Duplicate the page and play with different layout variations.

Use CSS variables and functions

Use variables, mixins and other SASS and LESS goodies. Use math expressions and functions like lighten and darken to create designs that can be customised by changing just a couple of variables - all in real time.

Style a page

Why stop at mockup? Just go ahead and turn it into a custom designed webpage by styling elements with CSS rules. Edit rules through the Visual editor or write the code directly.

Make your page responsive

Open multiple pages that share the same stylesheet. Style changes are reflected on all pages in real time. View them at different screen sizes.

Edit content of a page

Use Pinegrow as a CMS for your static Html pages. Move elements around and double click on any element to edit its text content.

Try templates online

Just open a template demo from the internet and start customizing it with your images and content. Immediately see if the template works for you or not.

Need a quick code snippet?

Need a Bootstrap form or a navbar? Design it in Pinegrow, change its layout with a single click. Select the form and copy the HTML code.

Collaborate with others

Use standard source control tools like Git to manage your code and to collaborate on projects with your team members.


35% OFF  all Pinegrow editions

Get Pinegrow for yourself, your business or your school.

Design your own Pinegrow plan

with 30 days money-back guarantee

Use Pinegrow for as long as your subscription is active and keep your license always up to date. You will be automatically charged every year. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Pinegrow Web Editor PRO

Build web projects with powerful tools for editing HTML & CSS - visually and with code.

  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Plain HTML
  • Components
  • Live SASS Editing
  • Multiple views
  • Edit URLs
  • PHP, ASP & ERB
  • Master pages
  • Font Awesome
  • and more...
Save 50%
USD 99
per year

Select add-ons:


Bring your projects alive with interactions, animations and scroll scenes. Learn more »

Save 50%
USD 200
one time
Interactions are not available with one time payment. You can get them as a separate add-on subscription.
Tailwind Visual Editor

Powerful visual editor for your Tailwind CSS projects. Learn more »

Save 50%
USD 50
per year
WordPress Builder

Create custom WordPress themes, plugins and blocks - without coding. Learn more »

Save 50%
USD 50
per year
Shop Builder for WooCommerce

Create custom WooCommerce stores and blocks (requires WordPress Builder). Learn more »

Save 50%
USD 50
per year
The add-on is not available as a one time payment.

Need help deciding? Take a look at feature comparison.

Are you a student, non-profit or educator? We have a special plan for you.

If you can't afford Pinegrow at the moment, get in touch and we'll find a solution.


Powerful visual editor for designing web interactions and animations:

Scroll scenes
Timeline editor
Powered by GreenSock, license included

WordPress Theme Builder

Create production-ready custom WordPress themes:

WP theme builder
Blocks for WordPress

Tailwind Visual Editor

Visual controls and power tools for Tailwind CSS:

Visual controls
Responsive editing
Component libraries

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30 days Money-back guarantee

Not 100% sure if Pinegrow is right for you? No worries. Try it without risk. Please note that refunds are not available for monthly subscriptions. Details.

Support & friendly community

Get support when you need it and participate in our friendly user community in the online forum.

Active development

We work on Pinegrow full-time and publish frequent new releases. Check out the timeline of Pinegrow releases to see how fast Pinegrow is improving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pinegrow different from other website builders?

Pinegrow is a desktop app that works with regular HTML and CSS files. We believe that a standalone app fits into a web development workflow much better than cloud solutions.

Pinegrow has unique features like editing multiple pages at the same time, a complete range of Bootstrap and Foundation components, live CSS styling with SASS and LESS support, a WordPress theme builder, VCS plus Atom integration and more.

Pinegrow doesn't add any abstraction on top of your HTML and CSS. It simply helps you to work with pages and stylesheets more efficiently, either visually or through code. Pinegrow is tailored to professional web developers and designers.

Read a user review about how Pinegrow compares to Dreamweaver and Webflow.

What are the license terms?

A separate license is needed for each individual user who is using the app. Exceptions are made for family members - it makes no sense requiring your kids to buy a separate license if they want to play with Pinegrow on your computer.

You can install your copy of Pinegrow on up to 3 of your computers (at home and at work, Windows, Mac or Linux) as long as you are the one using the app. 

Full terms and conditions »

What is the difference between one-time payments and subscriptions?

Each one-time license purchase gives you a license to use the current version of the program forever and includes one full year of free updates to your edition of Pinegrow. 

After the one year of free updates expires you may wish to renew your license - for just half the price of a new license - to obtain an additional year of free updates. If not, you can just keep using your current version.

With subscriptions, you always have access to the latest version of Pinegrow, but you won't be able to continue using Pinegrow after your subscription ends.

Why do you offer both one-time payments and subscriptions?

People have different needs - some use Pinegrow daily, and some want to use it for a single project. Some prefer to own their software licenses and some don't want to think about version numbers and just want their tools to always be up to date.

So, at a time when more and more software companies are moving exclusively to a subscription model, we said: "Hey, why not just offer both and let users choose what's best for them?"

How many projects can I create with a single license of Pinegrow?

You can use your Pinegrow license to create as many projects (websites, WordPress themes...) as you want. There are no limitations and no extra fees.

Why the name "Pinegrow"?

We love pine trees. They smell amazing and it’s fun to chill in their shadow in the summer. Pine needles let through the perfect amount of sunlight. And as trees normally do, they grow. So, Pinegrow!

Have more questions?

Check out the complete FAQ.

Read the complete FAQ


Ran into problems? Have a suggestion? Want to say hi? We would love to hear from you!

Meet all our products

All our web development applications work with your local projects and work well together with your other tools.

General purpose HTML & CSS editor that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, CSS Grid editor and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation and the possibility to add custom frameworks.

Vue Designer is a visual IDE for Vue applications. It works with every Vite project and frameworks such as Nuxt and Iles.

Pinegrow Interactions is a powerful visual editor for designing web interactions and animations. Pinegrow Interactions extends Pinegrow Web Editor with interaction composer and fully-featured animation timeline editor based on GSAP.

Pinegrow Web Editor with integrated WordPress theme creator. Add WordPress smart actions to page elements to impart dynamic CMS functionality to the theme.

Export fully-featured, proper WordPress themes with content custom-tailored to each project.

Install Pinegrow on your WordPress site and turn it into a visual development environment for building custom blocks, whole themes and static HTML projects.

Use same features as WordPress Builder in Pinegrow Web Editor.

Standalone WordPress theme builder that lets you use any website builder to create custom WordPress themes.

After the conversion is set up, you keep using the original website editor to make changes to the theme.

An add-on for Pinegrow Web Editor that lets you visually edit TailwindCSS projects. It comes with the full range of visual controls and supports working with custom TailwindCSS themes.

Take static HTML snapshots of dynamic web applications and use them for collaboration, styling and prototyping.

Open your app in Pinegrow Snapshots, navigate to any screen or state and save it as a static HTML snapshot.

Great in combination with Pinegrow Web Editor.

An online space where children learn HTML & CSS and practice their skills on fun creative web projects.

About us

Matjaž Trontelj
Ivona Trontelj
WP & Support

We are a small, highly productive team, working remotely from many different parts of the world.

Pinegrow is a tool we wanted for ourselves. Read the story of how Pinegrow was created.

Matjaz Trontelj



Emmanuel Arnoud



Ahmed Kaja


Vue & Svelte DevRel

Abi Rana


Design & Interactions

Despite advances in browser compatibility, CSS features and helpers like SASS and Bootstrap, it often feels that web development got more difficult - not less.

One reason for that is the complexity of the tools that are required to build modern websites. The other reason is that visual website building tools aimed at professionals (such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expressions) seem to be a thing of the past. Dealing with code directly is considered to be the best approach.

We think there is a better way.

The boring parts of setting up a new project can be automated, 100s of framework classes can be turned into visual controls and SASS can be live-compiled without any external tools. Visual editing and code can be used side by side.

That’s what Pinegrow is about.