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Students, Teachers, and Non-profit organizations

Pinegrow is a great tool for learning about web development and design. While it makes many things easier, it doesn’t try to hide implementation details of HTML and CSS.

Student license – a special offer for students, educators and non-profits.

As a student, educator or non-profit you can get any Pinegrow Web Editor plan with 50% discount.

That means that you get half off the prices listed on Pinegrow plans and prices.

To qualify, using your email from your .edu address please send us a proof of enrollment (student ID, a report card with name and date or a proof that you are part of a non-profit organization) and we’ll email you a coupon code for the discount.

Program features of Student and regular licenses are the same.

The student license can only be used for projects where you earn less than $500 per project. If you charge more you should buy a regular license to celebrate your success. Read the license agreement for details.

Classroom plan – easy-to-manage affordable plan for your whole class or school

Are you an educator and want to use Pinegrow in your class?

Pinegrow Classroom plan has the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-manage: You’ll get one serial code for all students. The serial code can be changed at the end of the course to free license seats for the next batch of students.
  • All features are included: HTML, CSS, modern frameworks such as Bootstrap & Tailwind CSS, WordPress and web interactions.
  • Designed to cover all your students: The plan comes in blocks of 100 students.
  • Affordable: The monthly plan starts at USD 1 / student, with additional discounts on yearly payments.


The Classroom Plan comes in two flavors:

  • Pinegrow Web Editor without Interactions: USD 100 / month for up to 100 students.
  • Pinegrow Web Editor with Interactions: USD 150 / month for up to 100 students.

Yearly plans come with additional 20% discount.

Both plans include all Pinegrow Web Editor features such as Tailwind CSS editor, WordPress theme builder. The only difference is in Interactions.

The plan can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.