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Bootstrap Blocks

Quickly build HTML or WordPress based landing page with a rich collection of website blocks.

NEW: Bootstrap Blocks

Use the new Bootstrap Blocks library and a simple three step process to easily create uniquely designed websites.

How to use and customize Bootstrap Blocks

Pinegrow features a library of Bootstrap 4 blocks to make assembling a page quick and easy. These blocks are non-opinionated and easily altered to give your pages a custom look.

Standard Bootstrap 3 Blocks

Ready-made Bootstrap 3.3.x website sections for building awesome websites.

Bootstrap 3 Blocks for WordPress

Ready-made Bootstrap 3.3.x website sections for building WordPress themes.

Sample Content for WordPress Themes using Bootstrap 3 Blocks

In order to help you understand how WordPress themes created with Pinegrow and using Bootstrap Blocks works, we have created a sample content file for your upcoming experimentations.

Last updated on January 10, 2018 at 12:56 pm

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