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Release 1.106, 13. March 2014

This release contains a couple of important bug fixes.

  • Special characters in folder names (&, dots,…) prevented PG from loading HTML files from that locations. Fixed.
  • Manage frameworks caused a lot of problems because users tried to load framework Javascript files, like bootstrap.js. That broke the app and reseting all user data was necessary to get it working again. Only Pinegrow plugins can be loaded in this way. For now, a scary warning message was added.
  • Invalid CSS file (with missing }, for example) sometimes caused that PG hanged on Loading page screen. Fixed.
  • Duplicated CSS stylesheets (done in Stylesheet manager) were not properly saved. Fixed.
  • Chromium bug where AltGr is registered as CTRL + ALT caused keyboard shortcuts to overlap with keys for entering special characters. Until this is fixed in Chromium, keyboard shortcuts with ALT (Save all) are disabled on Windows.
  • Display CSS property select now have the full range of values (like table-row, flex…). Added.
  • Letter-spacing CSS property was added.

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