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Release 3.1 – Sep 14, 2017

Pinegrow 3.1 is available for download.

Faster CSS styling workflow

The goal of Pinegrow is to make you a more powerful web developer.

With that goal in mind, we redesigned the flow of creating new CSS rules.

Now you can use a one-step process to create a new CSS rule and to add a class to the selected elements.

Watch this short video to see how you can quickly style your document with CSS rules:

Improved text editing

Going from editing one element to another flows smoother now. The editing cursor goes where you click when switching to editing another element. Pressing Enter when editing a P or a heading will break the element at that point in two elements.

Shiny new Help and Tutorials

Pinegrow now has a built-in help system with interactive guides, including a comprehensive Getting started tutorial that covers the basic usage of all Pinegrow panels and a reference of all Pinegrow keyboard shortcuts. And it also works offline.


Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Color picker accepts the current value when clicking outside of the picker (before that meant that color selection is canceled).
  • Page code editor removes the “Code has syntax error” message once the syntax error is fixed.
  • Element outlines (blue dotted borders around elements) are now off by default. Use the Display helpers icon in the top toolbar to turn them on.
  • Pinegrow no longer temporary adds special .pg-* selectors to CSS code. In certain situations, these selectors were left in the code. Pinegrow will now offer to clean up such code.
  • Javascript syntax highlighting in code editor when you open a JS file through Project panel.
  • Fixed the issue where Undo and redo stopped working after an error during a undo or redo operation.
  • More.

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