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Pinegrow Theme Converter 1.1 – Jun 18, 2019

Pinegrow Theme Converter 1.1 is available for download.

To update, download the installation package for your system and install it over your current Theme Converter.

New features

Add custom CSS rules to style.css

File style.css is added to the source project and included into all template pages. You can use it to add additional CSS rules to the theme.

The file style.css is only added if it doesn’t already exist in the source project.

Custom query pagination

Show Posts with Custom query now automatically paginates results if “Posts per page” setting is set. That means that the current page index is passed into this query. This behavior can be switched off with the “Paginate results” setting.

Note that there can be only one paginated query on each template page.

Page excerpts

Page excerpts are now turned on in functions.php (by default, pages in WordPress don’t have excerpts). To enable page excerpts on existing themes use “WordPress -> Regenerate functions.php” (don’t do this if you modified functions.php manually).


Post Pagination

Post Pagination now correctly handles repeated page items even if they are not immediate links.

Empty Show Posts relationships

Show Posts with Relationship correctly handles empty relationships. No posts are returned if there are no posts listed in the relationship field.

Theme Settings

Export options checkboxes in Theme Setting dialog are fixed.

Enqueuing styles and scripts

Enqueuing styles and scripts with the same file names now works correctly.

Last updated on June 18, 2019 at 7:27 am

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