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Pinegrow Web Editor 5.97 – July 8, 2020

Tailwind Visual Editor add-on – Drag & Drop with collapsed elements – Reorganized HTML element Library – Copy paste attributes – Combined Undo history and more.


Tailwind Visual Editor add-on

Tailwind Visual Editor is a premium add-on that transforms Pinegrow into a powerful visual editor for TailwindCSS projects.

Learn more about Tailwind Visual Editor.

Drag & Drop with collapsed elements

Elements can be collapsed and expanded in the Tree panel, in order to make navigating the complex HTML structure easier.

Drag & drop operation now take that into account as well:

Components are now collapsed by default when dropped to the page or to the tree.

Drag & Drop doesn’t position elements inside collapsed elements – unless you hold down the SHIFT key.

Reorganized HTML element Library

Plain HTML sections in the Library panel have been re-organized to group elements more naturally.

Layout, Content and Media sections with most commonly used elements are now at the top of the Plain HTML part of the Library panel.

Copy paste attributes

Right-click on the element and use the Copy submenu to copy any attribute of the element:

Pasting the attribute will automatically set the attribute on the selected element(s).

Combined Undo history

Until now it was possible to use separate undo histories for each page and CSS styling by enabling it in Undo options.

We removed this option, so that now only, the default, combined history can be used. This lets us remove some complexities from the undo system and that will help with improving it further.

WordPress Theme Builder

Including custom PHP code

The recommended way to include custom code to functions.php is by adding the code to inc/custom.php file. This file is automatically included into functions.php.

inc/custom.php will be created in your theme’s source folder, if it doesn’t exist yet.

Export the whole theme keyboard shortcut

The current shortcut CMD+W clashed with the system shortcut for closing the app window (on Mac). With upgrade to the latest NWJS (see below) it is also no longer technically possible to prevent this default behavior.

The shortcut has been changed to CMD+M on Mac and CTRL+M on Windows on Linux.

Changes under the hood

The biggest change in this release is hidden under the hood. We upgraded NWJS (a Chromium-Node framework that is used to run Pinegrow as a desktop app) to the latest version. To do that we had to completely rework how we get the information about the matched CSS rules in the Style Active panel.

Last updated on July 16, 2020 at 7:17 am

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