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Vue Designer 1.1 & 1.11 – August 9, 2023

Vitepress, Astro, bug fixes and more.

Update: Vue Designer 1.11 with bug fixes was released on August 25, 2023.

Download Vue Designer 1.11

The package includes Vue Designer and Tailwind editor. Free trial is included.

Vue Designer for Mac (Intel) Antivírus checkedMac: 0fdbd3c25fe2659e028ea6389ffe64eb381d58ac

Vue Designer for Mac (M1/M2 Apple Silicon) Antivírus checkedMac: 47de3e970b86a25206fa151ec9502f3b886f0123

Vue Designer for Windows 64 (Installer) Antivírus checkedWindows 64: a4acf5c543805a7568cfcbd30de3648837ebf7de

Vue Designer for Linux (Zip, 64bit) Antivírus checked Linux: e83e991644fdf528628ddf2d1451064a941530a4

Improvements in Vue Designer 1.1

  • Key bug fixes and performance updates.
  • Pinegrow Vite Plugin updated along with the other meta-framework modules.
  • New starter templates and sample apps for Vitepress and Astro.
  • Happy Paws and eCommerce store with Nuxtlabs UI are now full-stack apps with server APIs.
  • Ability to automatically load web-types from component libraries such as Vuetify, Quasar, Ionic-Vue, Framework7 etc
  • Updates in preparation for the upcoming Vuetify addon.
  • For detailed summary, refer to this blog post.

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