Tailwind Visual Editor
for Pinegrow

A desktop app for Mac, Windows and Linux that lets you visually edit your Tailwind CSS projects.

Tailwind Visual Editor is an add-on for Pinegrow Web Editor, a powerful desktop HTML & CSS editor. This means that you use all features of Pinegrow in your Tailwind projects.

Download for Mac, Windows & Linux

Free trial is included. All features, including interactions and WordPress theme builder, are fully functional in the free trial.

Tailwind Visual Editor


Visual Controls

Style your project with visual controls.

No more guessing the class names or copy-pasting from documentation. The editor comes with visual controls for most Tailwind utilities.

Create responsive designs.

Use Pinegrow’s multi-view editing to see and edit the page displayed at multiple sized.

Use visual controls with your custom theme.

Visual controls adjust to your customized Tailwind CSS theme. Learn more.

Style elements with powerful Class Tree inspector

Inspect and edit Tailwind CSS classes and variants with speed and precision. Learn more.

Tailwind Styles

Group Tailwind classes into reusable Styles. Update all styled elements with one move.

Turn the design of any element into a Style and reuse it on other elements. When you modify a style the classes on all elements that use that style are automatically updated. Learn more.

Override styles with inline classes.

In cases where creating a new sub-style would be an overhead, use inline classes to override style properties on individual elements.

Create style variants with sub-styles.

Create sub-styles that define one or more variants of the parent style.


Little helpers that will save you lots of time.

Swap colors and click on any Tailwind class to jump to its Visual control in the Properties panel.


Load any website and use it as a component library.

The Library panel comes with a bunch of page libraries from where you can add ready-made components to the page. You can even load your own local or remote websites and use them as component libraries.

TailwindUI support.

TailwindUI is a premium Tailwind component library created by authors of Tailwind CSS. Tailwind Visual Editor lets you open your TailwindUI library in the Library panel and extends visual controls with Tailwind UI extensions.

Please note that Tailwind UI library itself is not included or distributed with Tailwind Visual Editor. You need to purchase the appropriate license directly from the TailwindUI website.

It's your workflow!

Tailwind Visual Editor works with any HTML project and integrates into your existing workflow.

Tailwind Visual Editor works with your existing web projects and integrates into your workflow. Tailwind Visual Editor opens and saves standard HTML files. It makes no assumptions about your build process, so you can use it CDN, PostCSS, Gulp, Webpack and so on.

Plus, you get everything from
Pinegrow Web Editor.

Tailwind Visual Editor works inside Pinegrow Web Editor.

That means that you get to use all the powerful HTML & CSS editing features of Pinegrow in your Tailwind projects as well.


Get Pinegrow for yourself, your business or your school.

Get Tailwind Visual Editor

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Use Pinegrow for as long as your subscription is active and keep your license always up to date. You will be automatically charged every year. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Pinegrow Web Editor PRO

Build web projects with powerful tools for editing HTML & CSS - visually and with code.

  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Plain HTML
  • Components
  • Live SASS Editing
  • Multiple views
  • Edit URLs
  • PHP, ASP & ERB
  • Master pages
  • Font Awesome
  • and more...
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Bring your projects alive with interactions, animations and scroll scenes. Learn more »

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Interactions are not available with one time payment. You can get them as a separate add-on subscription.
Tailwind Visual Editor

Powerful visual editor for your Tailwind CSS projects. Learn more »

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USD 50
per year
WordPress Builder

Create custom WordPress themes, plugins and blocks - without coding. Learn more »

Save 50%
USD 50
per year
Shop Builder for WooCommerce

Create custom WooCommerce stores and blocks (requires WordPress Builder). Learn more »

Save 50%
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The add-on is not available as a one time payment.

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Powerful visual editor for designing web interactions and animations:

Scroll scenes
Timeline editor
Powered by GreenSock, license included

WordPress Theme Builder

Create production-ready custom WordPress themes:

WP theme builder
Blocks for WordPress

Tailwind Visual Editor

Visual controls and power tools for Tailwind CSS:

Visual controls
Responsive editing
Component libraries

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30 days Money-back guarantee

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Support & friendly community

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Active development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tailwind Visual Editor a standalone app?

No. Tailwind Visual Editor is an add-on for Pinegrow Web Editor. It is distributed in the main Pinegrow install package, there is nothing extra to download. You do need a Pinegrow license that includes the Tailwind editor.

I already have Pinegrow Web Editor. How can I upgrade to Tailwind Visual Editor?

In Pinegrow, go to Support -> Purchase & Activate and click on “Get it” under the Tailwind Visual Editor add-on. That will take you to Pinegrow online shop where you can purchase the add-on (and we have a special deal for our existing users).

Is Tailwind CSS suitable for beginners?

Well, it depends. On one hand, TailwindCSS hides the complexities of having to deal with CSS rules, inheritance, media queries and pseudo states.

On the other hand, working with TailwindCSS efficiently usually requires a build process that is not so simple to setup (we might do a tutorial on this).

The best approach is that you give it a try and see how it feels.

How can I remove unused classes from my Tailwind CSS stylesheet?

This can be done outside of Tailwind Visual Editor, with various tools for packaging web projects.

Can I customize Tailwind with Tailwind Visual Editor?

Not at the moment. TailwindCSS stylesheet is usually compiled as a part of project’s build process. Pinegrow doesn’t make any assumptions about that so that it can be used with your existing workflow. So, just customize Tailwind outside of Pinegrow as you normally do.

How can I adjust visual controls so that they would reflect my custom Tailwind colors, spacing, responsive variants and so on?

Yes you can. Use the Customize visual controls to let Pinegrow inspect your TailwindCSS stylesheet and adjust the visual controls accordingly.

Most Tailwind features are supported, including colors, fonts, sizes, pseudo classes, screen sizes, animations...

Can I remove class styles attributes when deploying my project to production servers?

Tailwind Visual Editor stores class style information in data-pg-class-style and data-pg-class-style-inline HTML element attributes. You can safely remove these attributes when deploying the page, just don’t remove them in the source project because the information about assigned styles and inline classes would be lost. The style definitions are kept in projectdb.pgml file. It’s recommended to keep this file under source control.

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