Pinegrow WordPress Plugin

Create custom WordPress blocks and themes without coding - right from your WordPress site

Download for WordPress 6.0+

Free version is included.

Pinegrow Theme Converter is a desktop app that works with your local files and local WordPress installation.

New to Pinegrow?

Watch a series of short videos to learn what Pinegrow is, how it works and what is special about the plugin.

Prefer to work with desktop editor? Pinegrow for WordPress is also available as an add-on for the desktop Pinegrow Web Editor.

How it works?

Use HTML & CSS to design a static version of your blocks or the whole theme.

Build the code with Pinegrow, import it from another web design tool or code it manually in your favorite code editor.

Add dynamic WordPress features by assigning smart actions to HTML elements.

Pinegrow comes with a set of Smart actions, that are both powerful and easy to use, including:

Smart actions adjust the WordPress output to fit into your custom HTML structure and styling - not the other way around.

Generate the fully-featured WordPress plugin or theme with all the standard WordPress PHP files.

Pinegrow WordPress plugin exports the plugin or theme straight to the site’s staging or production environment.

Getting started

The best way to get started is doing the interactive Build Your First Block tutorial, available from the Pinegrow dashboard.

These short lessons will show you how to use the Pinegrow interface and to create the HTML structure of the block, style it with CSS and then turn it into a fully editable React-based Gutenberg block with custom sub-blocks.

If you want to try Pinegrow first, download the trial version or the desktop Pinegrow, or install the free version of the Pinegrow plugin on your development WordPress site.


Get Pinegrow WordPress Plugin

Turn your WordPress site into a powerful visual development environment.

This is a recurring subscription plan. You can cancel at any time. The yearly subscription comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

The plugin includes all Pinegrow features (except static components and SASS compilation), including Interactions, Tailwind CSS editor and WooCommerce.

Best value

Pinegrow WP Plugin - Single site

$49per year
VAT may apply

You'll be charged every year. Cancel at any time.

Best value

Pinegrow WP Plugin - Unlimited sites *

$199per year
VAT may apply

You'll be charged every year. Cancel at any time.


Pinegrow Theme Converter

$99$99per year / user
VAT may apply

You'll be charged every year. Cancel at any time. Includes 30 days money-back guarantee.

* You can use your Pinegrow WP Plugin license only on websites owned and operated by you, as well as client websites operated by you.

If you cancel the subscription you will not be able to use Pinegrow plugin any more, but all your exported plugins and themes will continue to work.

The single site plan is no longer available.