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Pinegrow Live update log

The exciting story of Pinegrow Live updates.

Due to maintenance issues, the Pinegrow Live experiment that was initiated in 2021 ended in December 2022 and therefore this application is no longer available for download.

The latest version of Pinegrow is available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux at any time from our homepage. Also, we invite you to check our release notes to discover all the new features and fixes proposed in each version.

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Pinegrow Live is a special Pinegrow Web Editor installation that loads most of its code from our servers and thus contains the latest (not yet released) features and bug fixes.

6.7.2 – August 17, 2022

This update contains a group of important BETA WordPress Builder fixes and improvements. Please post any issues to the relevant topics on the forum.

Fix problems with registering blocks

Repeating dragging the same element from the page library and adding the Block action caused subsequent blocks not to be exported during the editing session. Forum topic »

Increased Block Attributes limit

An element can now have up to 12 block attributes. Forum topic »

Support adding srcset to block images

Block attribute images now add the wp-image-[id] class, based on which, WordPress adds srcset attribute at the time the page is displayed.

Using ALT attribute of the block image attribute

Alt text is now set to the alt attribute. The behavior is controlled by new Use image ALT option on the Block attribute action. Forum topic »

Added Attachment actions

Attachment Title, Caption, Description and ALT text have been added to the Post section.

Reference image block attributes in dynamic PHP blocks

Use notation @block:image to reference the selected image attribute, for example as the parameter of the Attachment Title action. Forum topic »

Use media / post properties in JavaScript blocks

Select Use post property setting on the Block Attributes action to display properties of the selected image block attribute, such as Image title, description and so on. Note that the information shown in JavaScript blocks is set at the time of editing, not at the time of page view. Forum topic »

Include block script in the editor

Use the Editor script option of the Block action to enqueue a block script in the editor. Forum topic »

Prevent clicks on links in block during editing

JavaScript blocks use onClick handler to prevent default click behavior when clicked in the editor. Forum topic »

Allow attributes with single quotes

Single quotes are now correctly escaped in exported blocks. Forum topic »

Do not generate files that exist in the source project

For example, if header.php exists in the source project, header.php will not be generated from the master page and instead, header.php will be copied to the exported project. Forum topic »

6.7.1 – July 31, 2022

Fixed Saving WordPress theme settings

The Theme settings dialog was stuck after saving the theme settings for the first time.

6.6.0 – July 6, 2022

A regular Pinegrow release 6.5

See the relese notes for details.

6.5.1 – May 26, 2022

Picture element

Added simple support for the Picture element that can now we dragged from the Library panel and can have multiple sources. More information and simple demo on the forum.

Lazy loading for images and iframes

Images and iframes now have a Lazy loading checkbox in the Properties panel that sets the loading attribute to lazy.

CSS Grid menu available in the Tree context menu

Right click on any element in the Tree panel to access its CSS Grid options. Feature requested on the forum.

Avoid crashes when dragging CSS Grid handles for SASS projects

Fixed the issue with dragging CSS grid handles causing Pinegrow to hang when using complex SASS projects. The fix has the potential to improve the stability of Pinegrow SASS in general. This fix is experimental, please let us know how it works for you or if you run into any problems. Issue was reported on the forum.

Fix CSS Border radius control

The current CSS rule values were sometimes not correctly visible in the border radius control

WordPress Builder changes

  • Image block attribute title and help are shown in the WordPress editor.
  • Multiple block attribute classes can be used on both regular and dynamic blocks.
  • Append attribute setting has an option to prepend it with or without the space character.
  • Function and Code actions use textareas for code input.

WooCommerce Shop Builder changes

  • Fixed an issue with displaying variable prices.

6.5 – March 23, 2022

A regular Pinegrow release 6.5

See the relese notes for details.

6.4 – Feb 11, 2022

A regular Pinegrow release 6.4. Check out the release notes for details.

6.3.2 – Feb 6, 2022

Fix button type attribute

Correctly set the type attribute on the button element. Reported on the forum.

Local webfonts

Fixed the issue that prevented local webfonts located in the project folder to be added to Design Panel fonts.


  • Update Color control for Block Attributes to make it compatible with WordPress 5.9.
  • Escape default value for inline SVG with single quotes.
  • Fix Block attribute expressions.

6.3.1 – Feb 4, 2022

Fixed Atom and VS Code integration

In Pinegrow Live version, startup information was not correctly passed to editor plugins. Reported on the forum.

Performance optimizations

The function that is parsing code in Library panel Insert code (and also used elsewhere) was doing too many unneccessary DOM lookups.

Tailwind CSS built-in plugins

The built-in Tailwind CSS compiler now comes bundled with plugins: typography, forms, lineclamp and aspectratio. Their utility classes are not implemented in visual controls yet, but you can use them with Assign classes tool or in code.

6.3.0 – Jan 14, 2022

A regular Pinegrow release 6.3. Check out the release notes for details.

6.21.2 – Dec 9, 2021

Fixed input / button type in Properties panel

Button types were shown in the input type select if a button element was selected before the input element. Reported on this forum thread.

Fix previewing files with partials

Previewing a document with partials in the browser made the element dynamic.

Fix PUG link in the Library panel

Jade was renamed to Pug a while ago. The link was updated to the tags Pug page. Reported on this forum thread.

6.21.1 – Dec 1, 2021

Welcome to the first Pinegrow Live update!

Don’t yet have Pinegrow Live? Get it here.

Performance optimizations

Release 6.2 was noticebly slower than previous versions. The cause was updating to a newer NWJS build. It appears that newer versions of Chromium are more sensitive to DOM updates done in non-optimal way. This is forcing us to dig under the hood and fix code that caused unneccessary layout and style recalculation in the browser. So, it’s not all bad 🙂 Our tests show that Pinegrow is now noticably faster (at least compared to 6.2). Let us know how it goes for you. More to come.

Fixed WordPress post field as background image

The bug was reported on the forum and is now fixed.

Broken links checker

We forgot to tell you about this new handy tool in 6.21 release notes. Select Page -> Check for broken links to open the link checker. The tool will check both local and remote links on the selected page and notify you if any links are broken.

Runaway process

Sometimes a process called nwjs helper (Renderer) is left after Pinegrow quits and it consumes CPU and memory. This appears to be a NWJS issue and we can not fix it directly. In this update we added a code that explicitly terminates the process on Pinegrow exit. Please let us know if this has any positive impact.

WordPress adds rel=”noopener” when target in blocks is set to _blank

In reponse to this forum post. I’m not that keen on adding a magic behavior (something that happens without direct instruction by the user) to the code generated by Pinegrow. In this case, this made sense. So, Pinegrow will automatically add rel=”noopener” to block links if the rel is not set already and if target is set to _blank.