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Pinegrow Live

Pinegrow Live is a special Pinegrow Web Editor installation that loads most of its code from our servers and thus contains the latest (not yet released) features and bug fixes.

Pinegrow Live is great if you want to be actively in the loop with Pinegrow development, try new features and use the latest bug fixes.

Pinegrow Live is not a replacement for regular Pinegrow releases. Regular releases will continue to be published once or twice a month.

Download Pinegrow Live 1.0

The package includes Pinegrow PRO, WordPress theme builder, Interactions and Tailwind editor.

Pinegrow for Mac (Disk image) Antivírus checkedMac: 09074688251063c54b078f4e70c9de3a02560c26

Pinegrow for Windows 64 (Installer) Antivírus checkedWindows: ef937557f48c7e04b19af4282e12d3ba3059d36d

Pinegrow for Linux (Zip, 64bit) Antivírus checked Linux: 8716d88d276f00fbd7af030ac512a0eaa78d3f8d

Looking for regular Pinegrow downloads? Download stable Pinegrow releases.


Use the downloaded install package to install Pinegrow Live on your computer.

Run the app.

If needed, use your Pinegrow license to activate the app.

Everything else is the same as when using a regular Pinegrow release.

Stay in the loop

Sing up for email notifications and never miss an update from the Pinegrow Live adventure.

Change log

See the details of each live update.


How it works?

Pinegrow Live has two parts:

  1. The container app that you have to install on your computer.
  2. The application code that is downloaded from our server when you run Pinegrow Live.

This setup lets us quickly push out improvements and bug fixes. You don’t have to reinstall Pinegrow every time an update is released. Instead, you just restart the app.

Sometimes you will also have to update the container app. But that should not happen too often.

How frequent are updates?

The updates are released as soon as they are ready and stable enough. Sometimes daily.

The threshold for being stable enough is lower in Pinegrow Live, compared to regular Pinegrow releases.

Can I get email notifications of updates?

Sure. Please subscribe here and check your inbox to confirm the subscription.

Can both versions be installed at the same time?

Yes, regular Pinegrow releases and Live can be installed and used side by side.

My usual Pinegrow settings are not visible in Live. Do I need to set them up again?

Yes. Because regular Pinegrow and Pinegrow Live can be installed side by side, there is no sharing of settings or app data.

Do I need a new Pinegrow license for Live?

No, activate Pinegrow Live with your existing license.

How do I know I am using the Live version?

The loading screen of the Live app displays the “this is live” notice. And there is a cool live icon in the top right corner:

Are all features included?

Bootstrap Blocks 3 are not included in Live version.

How do I report issues?

Post to our forum or contact support. Make sure to note that you are using the live version.

Last updated on December 3, 2021 at 10:15 pm

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