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Vue Designer 1.3 – September 18, 2023

Vuetify with Vue Designer

Download Vue Designer 1.2

The package includes Vue Designer and Tailwind editor. Free trial is included.

Vue Designer for Mac (Intel) Antivírus checkedMac: e86710c63e39e5b43bc6e8578aa0527b996ede4c

Vue Designer for Mac (M1/M2 Apple Silicon) Antivírus checkedMac: 2edcef85f72f1365e4c1a2ad3e49f916ae03b3ed

Vue Designer for Windows 64 (Installer) Antivírus checkedWindows 64: 1452d68e3d9c4c6adafeceb962427f4551cd5c2d

Vue Designer for Linux (Zip, 64bit) Antivírus checked Linux: cb33681d338c7470d9815bb615e1dc7f668ef0b0

Improvements in Vue Designer 1.3

  • Vue Designer is framework-agnostic and already supports numerous component libraries, such as Vuetify, Nuxt-UI, Naive-UI, Quasar, etc.
  • A special Vuetify addon (@pinegrow/vuetify-plugin) is now available for an enhanced experience. It’s power-packed with:
    • Visual controls for Vuetify utilities.
    • Theming with Design Panel and Floating tools.
    • Easy use of TailwindCSS / UnoCSS (tailwind preset) instead of Vuetify utilities.
    • Enhanced web-types for the Library and Props Panel.
    • Easy state binding of Vuetify global instance data.
  • Pinegrow Vite Plugin updated, along with other meta-framework modules.
  • Bug fixes and performance updates.

Vue Designer uses an open JSON standard called Web-Types (maintained by JetBrains) to provide an enhanced experience for numerous component libraries.

All major component libraries in the Vue ecosystem already support web-types, e.g., Vuetify, Quasar, Naive-UI, Ionic-Vue, Framework7-Vue, Element-Plus, Ant-Design-Vue, Vant-UI, and so on.

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