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What’s next for Pinegrow Interactions?

A quick update on soon to be released major update to Pinegrow Interactions.

Pinegrow Interactions are powered by the GreenSock high-performance animation library.

We are finishing the update to the latest GreenSock release 3.5 that brings significant performance enhancements at significantly reduced file size of the library.

As a part of that we are also integrating ScrollTrigger, the new GreenSock plugin for scroll-based animations. This will greatly enhance the Scroll Scene action by giving you complete control over when the scene starts and ends.

You will be able to use custom scroll parents, animate horizontal scrolling scenes and smooth the animations.

Horizontal scroll scene with custom start and end.

Such shiny new features usually come at a price, right?

Not in this case. The file size of the Pinegrow Interactions JavaScript file will be reduced by about 50%.

Both GreenSock 3 and ScrollTrigger will be included in our super permissive license, as long as you are not using them directly through code.

The update should be available in the middle of September.

Last updated on September 14, 2020 at 11:11 am

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