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a desktop HTML editor with support for Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks that lets you visually build WordPress themes and convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes. Watch video »

* Also works without Bootstrap

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Pinegrow works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Pinegrow WP is an extended edition of Pinegrow Web Editor.
It has all the features of Pinegrow Web Editor, plus the ones listed below.

TutsMe Webdesign published a comprehensive review of popular Bootstrap visual editors. Here's the conclusion: 

So which Bootstrap Visual Editor is the best?

Purely looking at the quality of the visual editor and how clean the HTML result is I conclude that Divshot and Pinegrow are both very good options. The graphical interfaces of Divshot and Pinegrow have a lot in common and are both very easy to work with. Looking at the price of those two editors Pinegrow becomes a very attractive choice (Divshot starts at $30 a month; Pinegrow costs only $49.95).


Please note that this website is not yet updated for Pinegrow 4.
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Are you working with WordPress?
See why you should have Pinegrow WP in your toolbelt:

Convert static HTML pages to WordPress themes...

Open or create a HTML page in Pinegrow Web Editor. Add WordPress actions to HTML elements and set their parameters. Export the WordPress theme. Pinegrow generates PHP code and splits the page into various files like index.php, header.php, footer.php and template parts.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

...or create WordPress themes from scratch

Right click on WordPress actions to add ready-made WordPress elements to your page.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

175 WordPress template tags

Use the full range of WordPress template tags to create both simple and complex WordPress themes. Set tag arguments through UI properties. Pinegrow helps you with managing template parts, custom post types, WP_Queries, Customizer settings and more.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

No limitations. Use any plugin, any PHP code.

Call custom theme and plugin functions or add PHP code blocks directly to the page. Use PHP variables, functions and expressions in WordPress action parameters. Everything that you can do with plain PHP you can do in Pinegrow WP as well.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

Live PHP code preview

See generated PHP code snippets in real-time preview. Play with action properties and see how that changes the generated PHP code. Copy code with one click if you want to use the PHP snippet in another app.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

Instant WordPress preview

Instantly preview the theme whenever you save its HTML file in Pinegrow. Theme's PHP files are generated on the fly.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

Work with the actual content of your WordPress website

Select a HTML element with WordPress actions and choose Import WordPress HTML. Pinegrow will run the element through WordPress and merge the resulting HTML back into the page.

Pinegrow works with other frameworks

Pure HTML source files

Pinegrow WordPress actions and their parameters are stored in HTML element attributes with prefix wp-. Pinegrow doesn't add any special elements to the page and it doesn't change the layout of the page.

Pure WordPress PHP export

Exported PHP files look just like a WordPress professional would code them by hand. Template parts let you create themes that can be easily modified with child themes.

Solution for your whole team

Since WordPress tags are stored as unobtrusive attributes in a regular HTML file, the theme HTML files can be edited by designers, front-end and WordPress developers. No more porting design and layout changes back to PHP.

Works with your favorite tools

Pinegrow WP can be used alongside your favorite web development apps like Dreamweaver, WebStorm, SublimeText etc. You can use it to convert HTML code exported by tools like Webflow and Macaw into a WordPress theme.

Download free trial

Creating fully-featured WordPress themes was never easier. Follow the tutorial and convert a static HTML portfolio template into a WordPress theme in 30 minutes.

Use Pinegrow WP to:

Convert HTML to WordPress theme

Convert static HTML into a WordPress theme. Then fine-tune the theme by editing the generated PHP files. This let’s you quickly get from HTML to WordPress PHP files, but you loose the ability to make changes to the theme in Pinegrow.

Manage theme's complete life-cycle

Create and convert HTML into a WordPress theme. But instead of editing the PHP files directly continue to use Pinegrow to make changes to the theme. Everything that you could code in PHP can also be done in Pinegrow.

Get PHP WordPress snippets

Pinegrow WP is a great helper tool even if you prefer to code themes by hand. Quickly construct template tags through UI and then copy-paste the generated PHP snippet into your PHP code.

Learn about WordPress

Pinegrow WP doesn't hide the PHP code from you. It's a great tool for learning about how WordPress themes are structured, about template tags and their parameters, about post types, WP_Queries and more.

It is the best design and code editor i have used so far... And this comes from a person who works fluidly in Sublime Text and Dreamweaver.

Thomas Djärv, Cloudier

This is a sweet app for web design. Got it this morning and I'm already using it a lot to throw some prototypes together. Awesome!

Ray Baer on  Twitter

Looks amazing! @Pinegrow A Win/Mac app that lets you mockup & design #Bootstrap sites.

Creative Punch on  Twitter

Geniale IDE! Pinegrow Web Designer.

Sven Kubiak on Twitter

Hey, just bought your product and I love it.

Kevin Ramirez,  SixtyVocab

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