We're hiring!

Are you a Web developer? Want to build tools for web developers?

Pinegrow works on Mac, Windows and Linux

Our product Pinegrow is a desktop app that lets users build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS styling and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS and other frameworks. It is packaged with node-webkit and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Web developers from more than 100 countries use Pinegrow. Here's what they are saying about it:

Pinegrow is my discovery of the month!  Makes sophisticated web page creation brilliantly easy, visual and exemplary clean. A Must Buy!

Tried out Pinegrow. I like it! Makes work so much easier. Thanks.

It's the best visual #html #css #bootstrap editor I've seen.

Severe competition for Dreamweaver. Pinegrow - an entirely different and very efficient approach.

An amazing app. Seriously fantastic experience. I think this one-ups Macaw even.

We launched Pinegrow in January 2014. Now we want to expand the team and accelerate development and marketing.

We're hiring team members who are good in:

  • HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, responsive stuff
  • JavaScript
  • frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation...
  • explaining how things work, creating tutorials and writing articles
  • helping users
  • writing in English

Bonus points if you have:

  • graphic & web design skills and experience
  • Node.js experience
  • good spoken English (clear, without hard accent)
  • familiarity with Pinegrow

This position is great if you enjoy working on variety of different tasks without a Dilbert-esque boss constantly looking over your shoulder. Your job would be extending Pinegrow support for various frameworks, building reusable web components, improving UX, creating documentation, tutorials and helping users use our products. You would be involved in the whole cycle of product development: from idea to implementation, testing, launching, supporting customers, marketing...

It would be great if you can work with us full-time from the start. First we would do a one-month pilot project (paid, of course) and if everything works out fine, continue to work together.

We are (and plan to remain) small fast-moving remote-team-only company without office politics, micromanagement and useless meetings. Our focus is on building a great product that helps users save their time and effort.

Pinegrow has lots of potential. It is extendable, so many interesting add-on products and services can be built around it. This is a good opportunity to get involved with Pinegrow at the very beginning of the journey.

Our company Humane Technologies is based in Slovenia, EU.

How to apply?

1. Check out Pinegrow

2. Tell us about your work and yourself (info@pinegrow.com, subject Jobs)