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Introducing Pinegrow Snapshots

Take static HTML snapshots of dynamic web applications and use them for collaboration, styling and prototyping.

What does it do?

Pinegrow Snapshots lets you take static HTML snapshots of dynamic web applications that are then used for styling, prototyping and collaboration.

You can use these HTML snapshots for designing and prototyping web applications and as a canvas for collaboration between designers, developers, marketers, sales team, copy writers and the rest of your team.

React, Vue, Node.js, Rails, PHP, ASP, WordPress… It doesn’t matter how your app is built. You can use Snapshots as long as you app works in the browser.

How are snapshots used?

Step 1 – Take one or more snapshots

Open your website or application in Pinegrow Snapshots, navigate to any screen or state and save it as a static HTML snapshot. The current state of the app will be captured, not as an image, but as a static HTML file.

Step 2 – Edit the snapshot

Open the HTML snapshot in Pinegrow Web Editor, or in a similar tool, and edit its content, HTML structure and CSS styling.

Step 3 – Share the work with your team

Along the way, share the result with your colleagues to collect feedback, using your team’s communication platform.

Step 4 – Implement changes

Once the changes are confirmed, you or another developer uses the snapshot as the blueprint for implementing changes in the application source code.

For CSS styling changes, this step is not even needed if you mapped CSS / SASS source files to the snapshots and edited them directly.

For HTML changes, doing a simple file diff between the original snapshot and the modified version reveals clear specification of required changes.

Can I do all of the above directly in Pinegrow Snapshots?

No. Pinegrow Snapshots has a single feature – taking HTML snapshots. Use your other tools (like Pinegrow Web Editor, GitHub, Slack…) for editing, collaboration and implementing changes.

Can you give some examples of tasks that can be done with snapshots?

Here is a sample list of projects that can be done with Pinegrow Snapshots:

  • Copy writer changes micro copy on an e-commerce site.
  • UX designer simplifies the sign-up flow.
  • Designer refreshes the design of a SaaS dashboard.
  • User testing team creates three variations of the checkout screen and runs them through a focus group.
  • An author of a WordPress plugin designs the WordPress dashboard settings page for the plugin.
  • Product manager creates specification for a new feature.

Pinegrow Snapshots is a simple app on its own. But when integrated into the product development workflow, it unlocks countless possibilities for teams of all sizes.

How can I get started?

Download Pinegrow Snapshots with included trial version and take it for a spin.

Learn more & download Pinegrow Snapshots »

Take a look at the documentation to learn how to take, customize and use snapshots.

For larger teams, the All-Inclusive Package with unlimited Pinegrow Web Editor & Snapshots licenses is the best option.

Pinegrow Snapshots makes development of web applications accessible to every team member with basic knowledge of HTML.

We created Pinegrow Snapshots for our own needs. Hope you’ll find it useful as well.

Last updated on July 13, 2020 at 7:43 am

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