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Start your first WordPress theme development in less than 12 minutes

As the WordPress specialist in the Pinegrow team, I’m often asked about my personal workflow and precisely how I start creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow.

The answer is not that complicated…

Today, It’s time to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to start a WordPress theme development using Pinegrow and Local.app. This free server application is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Each step only takes a few minutes, and I’ve recorded each of them in live sessions. These sessions do not include voice commentary but are very explicit.

Note: I didn’t integrate the installation time of Pinegrow and Local.app on the computer. You will also notice that for each video, the timer only starts when I actually start the action. The total duration of the Youtube video does not therefore necessarily represent the duration of the process.

Feel free to contact me (Emmanuel) on our community forum if you have questions about each of these steps.

1. Create a WordPress site on your computer (2.15 minutes)

Reminder: A WordPress Site is NOT a WordPress Theme and vice versa. We have a dedicated FAQ chapter on this particular point.

2. From Pinegrow, create and configure your WordPress theme project (1.44 minutes)

3. From Pinegrow, create a (very) basic HTML template that will be used as an index/landing page. (4.47 minutes)

4. From Pinegrow, convert your HTML template by assigning WordPress smart actions. (1.55 minute)

5. From Pinegrow, add some CSS styles to give some shape to your index page. (1.52 minute)

6. Final touch, from Pinegrow, generate the screenshot used in WordPress to identify your theme. (32 seconds)

7. Check the WordPress theme files exported by Pinegrow. (38 seconds)


In less than 12 minutes, you have created the foundation for your future WordPress theme.

What could be better?

Last updated on October 1, 2020 at 9:59 am

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