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Pinegrow Web Editor 5.96 – May 14, 2020

Improved Page Libraries – Editing XHTML Files – Preserve attribute case – #Link mapping – Register WordPress Taxonomy supports Blocks editor – Bug Fixes


Download and install the package for your operating system:

Improved Page Libraries

Page Libraries let you add any web page (local or remote) to the Library Panel and use it as a library of components that you can then drag to your page.

This is a very useful feature and now we made it even better:

  • Page library settings let you specify CSS selectors for components and navigation areas.
  • Back and Forward buttons let you move back and forward in the navigation history.
  • Test clicks toggle lets you switch between selecting the elements on the page and interacting / navigating the page library.
  • Page libraries can be zoomed out so that you can see the desktop size of the library page without having to enlarge the Library panel.
  • You can open remote websites directly so that navigation and login methods work properly.

Learn more about using the Page Libraries.

Editing XHTML Files

Pinegrow can now be used to edit XHTML files with UTF8 encoding. In the past there was a problem with handling the <?xml ?> attribute and auto-closed tags like <link> when they were explicitly closed with </link>.

Preserve attribute case

Although HTML is case-insensitive language, some libraries (for example Angular 2) can require case sensitive attributes, like ngIf and not ngif.

Pinegrow now preserves the case of attributes. So, if you name your attribute myAttribute it will remain such in the source code. Before, Pinegrow saves all attributes in lower case.

Correct #Link mapping in components and master pages

Links and URLs in components and master pages are mapped according to the position of the component definition and each individual instance.

For example, if the component is defined in /index.html and used on /products/ball.html the link products/index.html will map too index.html in the ball.html instance.

Until now Pinegrow also mapped anchor URLs like #contact. In most cases this was not the expected behavior. Now, Pinegrow leaves URLs that start with # as they are.

Note, prefix / or the file name if you need to link to a specific anchor in a destination file, for example /#contact or index.html#contact.

WordPress – Register Taxonomy supports Blocks editor

The Register Taxonomy action now automatically adds the “show_in_rest” parameter so that the taxonomy can be used in the WordPress Blocks editor.

For existing projects that use Register Taxonomy action, no change is required, just re-export the theme.

Bug fixes

  • Formatting CSS rules with multiple selectors
  • WordPress: set_post_thumbnail_size syntax error when defining custom post thumbnail size
  • WordPress: duplicate resource ids when enqueuing scripts and styles

Last updated on May 14, 2020 at 10:22 am

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