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The future of the desktop Pinegrow Web Editor

The launch of Pinegrow Online prompted some users to express their concerns about the future of our desktop app Pinegrow Web Editor.

  • Will we follow the trend and force users to use Pinegrow in the cloud?
  • Will we stop developing the desktop app and focus solely on the online version?
  • Do we plan to drop one-time-payment licensing option?

The answer to all the above questions is: no.

Desktop Pinegrow Web Editor remains our core product and the recommended solution for power users.

Pinegrow Web Editor is designed to handle complex projects, to work directly with your files on your computer, to integrate with source code versioning tools and to fit into your existing workflow.

Some of our best features – such as WordPress theme builder – can not be deployed to the shared online service.

And some of our upcoming features are designed to tightly integrate into the local development process and enable new ways of visual editing.

In short, for us, your desktop is the place where we can provide the most value and the best development experience.

That’s why Pinegrow Web Editor icon will remain in your launch bar, start menu and desktop.

This said, our code is written in such a way that it can be deployed in a desktop app and in the browser. If possible, we design our features so that they can run in both environments. This allows us to take most of Pinegrow’s powerful tools and run them on Pinegrow Online.

There is something magical in being able to press the Edit button and open the project right there in the browser. So, we will continue developing Pinegrow Online as well.

Hope that this clarification soothes your concerns. And thank you for caring about Pinegrow Web Editor! 


Last updated on September 29, 2021 at 7:50 am

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