Are you a Student or a Teacher?
Get Pinegrow from only $25.

Special offer for students and educators

Hi, there!

Pinegrow is a great tool for learning about web development and design. While it makes many things easier, it doesn't try to hide implementation details of HTML and CSS.

Pinegrow Web Editor for students and educators comes in two editions:

- Pinegrow WITHOUT WordPress support for $25

- Pinegrow WITH WordPress support for $39

- Pinegrow PRO without WordPress support for $49

- Pinegrow PRO with WordPress support for $63

You can also upgrade from standard to WordPress edition by just paying a price difference.

Send us a proof of enrollment (student ID, report card with name and date, etc...) and we'll email you a purchase link.

Program features of student and regular licenses are the same.

Important: Student license can only be used for projects where you earn less than $500 per project. If you charge more you should buy a regular license to celebrate your success :) Read the license agreement for details.

Also: If you're an educator buying Pinegrow for your educational institution please note that you need a separate student license for each workstation in your computer lab or for each student if they will use Pinegrow on their own computers.