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  • Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme 2 documentation

    If you want to create your own WordPress theme with Pinegrow PRO/WP but you do not yet have all the necessary knowledge OR if you simply want to optimize your process and start from a solid foundation and focus on the essentials, using the ST2 is the best opportunity to get started quickly and efficiently.

  • FAQ

    Although we try to provide as much information as possible on our website, it appears that many questions regularly come up on the community forum or in the support mailbox. We thought it might be a good idea to gather all these frequently asked questions and our answers in one place.

  • FAQ about creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow

    Let’s face it, although made super easier by the use of Pinegrow or Pinegrow Theme Converter for WordPress, the creation of a custom WordPress theme remains a complex task, which requires knowledge and proper planning for the operation to be considered a success.

  • Summer recap 2022

    See what we did this summer: three releases, a bunch of tutorials and articles.

  • Learn WordPress Development with the Pinegrow Starter Theme 2

    The WordPress Starter Theme 2 (ST2) is a framework for quickly developing your own custom WordPress themes.

    It was first introduced in 2017 as a free project, open for contributions.

    The Pinegrow team has recently updated the project with many improvements.