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It was a nice hybrid approach to music, where , probably, some of the riffing was a little too obvious," said Thielemann. "Some parts are really elegant but a lot of times the chord progression is kind of ridiculous, and people may be doing it on purpose. It's more embarrassing than anything." The results, added McLeod, are sound, but that's not what excites Thielemann.

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GRAMMY Award-winning, legendary musician Pinos Forrest and will embark on a seven-date journey through North America.The music-minded crew from La Boy Tere día d'etre moves to Santa Fe for a celebration of their biggest hit, "Pins" (2013), their amazing recording of "The Story of Little Feat" (featuring Jesse McCartney and Ned Rockwell), and a new album, where the ensemble will work to deliver an emotional, epic and supercharged symphony

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